The Art of
Hasan Fuat Sari

Fishes in the Ocean of Mind

In the sculptures of Hasan Fuat Sari (b. 1953) fishes are jumping in the waves and white-tailed eagles are spreading their wings. The themes may reflect the free flight of mind and mankind's yearning for understanding. At the same time the message doesn´t govern the works but unfolds slowly directly from the source.

The Gallery Joella has exhibited this and last year newborn sculptures. The materials Sari has been using are metal, bronze, brick and wood The multielement works of different size and shapes click naturally in place. The alternation between angular and arched parts in the works give birth to a clear rhytm. Part of the sculptures are standing on the floor, part is fixed in relief to the wall.

Open or closed arches, mischievous fishes and a few drops of symbolic wave lines or bluish parts often repeat themselves in the form-language of the works. Transparent calligraphic metalframes or geniously reduced fish compositions represent airy simplifications. The counterbalance works in a few small sculptures in a compact and heavy form. The stylized bronze eagle ascend with widespread wings from the firm granite base.

The last time the sculptor from Turku held a separate exhibition in his hometown was five years ago. Sari is born in Turkey and can now add to the meaning of this exhibition a 20-year celebration of the arrival to Finland. This international artist´s works have been seen besides from Finland also in Turkey and in different parts in Europe.

Many remembers surely the ready-made spititual works from bicycle parts a few years ago. We also found from Saris funny family of sculptures one summer a giant pair of scissors cutting the surface of the Aura. Insightful humour and playfulness belong as an essential part of Sari's sculptures.



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