Details from Finland


A Contemporary Arts Visual Group

The contemporary visual art group "Details from Finland" was established by Hasan Fuat Sari in 1994. The aim of the group is to expose modern Finnish visual arts to foreign countries with the help of Finnish artists who have different backgrounds - sculpture, painting, video installation and so forth.

Exhibitions have been held in Germany, Spain, Turkey, The Chech Republic and other countries.

The group is flexible and tough, it variates in size across time but some of the artists have exhibited together from the beginning.

Artists who have participated in exhibitions and in the activities of the group:

Kimmo Ojaniemi
Marjatta Oja
Jukka Vikberg
Hasan Fuat Sari
Jaakko Niemela
Petri Hytönen
Mikko Paakkola
Jouni Kujansuu
Susana Nevada
Ann Sundholm
Göran Torrkulla
Heli Maki-Arvela


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