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Hasan Fuat Sari

Sculptor and Painter. Born in 1953, Tarsus, Turkey. In 1980 he moved to Finland.



Degrees and academic experiences

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1973 Academy of Fine Arts Den Haag, Holland
1973-78 Graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts. Istanbul, Turkey
1979-80 Worked at the Archeology Museum, Sculpture Section. Istanbul, Turkey
1980 Came to live in Finland, teaching and lecturing on art and art history in various schools. Finland
1982-88 Time teacher at the Åbo Academy Turku, Finland
1984-88 Worked for Turku Town Social office, Creative Action Department Turku, Finland
1985-98 Time Teacher at the university of Turku Turku, Finland
1992-94 Researcher at the University of Turku, Department of Culture History Turku, Finland
1995 Time Teacher at the Industrial Arts School. Tervola, Finland
1996 Time Teacher at the University of Lapland. Rovaniemi, Finland
2002 Visiting lecturer University of Bradford and Leeds Metropolitan University of Harrogate Art Colleges. England
2004-2009 Part-Time teacher at Sydwest Yrkehogskolan Abo, Finland. Sculpture teacher in different institutions. Finland
2010-2011 Artist in Residence/visiting fellow, teacher at  Macquarie University. Sydney, Australia
2011 Visiting artist and fellow at Ege University. Izmir, Turkey
2012 Part-time teacher and researcher at the University of Turku, department of Cultural History. Turku, Finland


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1976 International Art Festival, Archeology Museum Open Air-exhibition. Istanbul, Turkey
1976 Visual Arts Community Young Artists Exhibition. Istanbul, Turkey
2004 The Sculptor of the year in Turkey by "Sanat Kurumu" Arts Association. Ankara, Turkey
2011 Special Recognition at 4th EgeArt Days, Ege University. Turkey


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1987 Valtion kohdeapuraha - State Art Council Finland
1989 Turun Taideyhdistys - Turku Artists Association. Turku, Finland
1990 Turun kaupunki - Turku City Art Council. Turku, Finland
1990 Varsinais-Suomen kulttuurirahasto - Province Culture Council Finland
1992 Valtion kohdeapuraha - State Art Council Finland
1994 Turun kaupunki - Turku City Art Council. Turku, Finland
1994 Suomen kulttuurirahasto - Finnish Cultural Found. Finland
1996 Turun ja Porin Läänin TTK - Province Art Council Finland
1997 Turun Kaupungin KLK - Turku City Art Council Turku, Finland
1999 OPM Kuvataiden näyt. Korvausapuraha - Minstery of Education Finland
2001 Visiting Grant - Ministry of Culture Finland
2002 FRAME - International Plastic Arts Change Center Finland
2002 Finnish Cultural Found-Working Finland
2003 Finnish Cultural Found-Working Finland
2004 Traver Grant-Ministery of Education Finland
2004 Frame-Finnish Fund for Art Exchange Finland
2005 Arts Council of Finland Finland
2005 Turku City Arts Council Finland
2005 Kohdeapuraha-Target Grant Ministery of Education, Finland
2006 Kohdeapuraha-Target Grant State Arts Council of Finland Finland
2007 Kohdeapuraha-Target Grant State Arts Council of Finland Finland
2008 Grant, Turku City Council of Culture. Turku, Finland
2009 Grant, State Arts Council of Finland. Finland
2010 Grant, Turun ja Porin Läänin TTK  - Province Art Council Finland

Works in Collections

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The Museum of Wäinö Aaaltonen Turku, Finland
AG-yritys Palvelut KY Turku, Finland
Liedon kunta Lieto, Finland
CAD Arkkitehtuuri tmsto OY Oulu, Finland
State Art Museum Ankara, Turkey
State Art Accademy Istanbul, Turkey
The Martayan Collection Brussels, New York - USA
The Collection of Brasseur Brussels, Belgium
Architect E.Dogrul Braunschwig, Germany
Arkton Arkkitehti tmsto KY Oulu, Finland
S. Koskinen Turku, Finland
Musee Terrus Elne, France
Mersin RHM Müzesi Mersin, Turkey
IMKB Ist. Stock exchange Istanbul, Turkey
Erna Rosseau-Verbeeck Brussels, Belgium
E.Bleahen Dublin, Ireland
Zego Istanbul, Turkey
Contemporary Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey
Macquarie University, MMCS Sydney, Australia
Ege University Izmir, Turkey
AKM Culture Center Izmir, Turkey
Haccetepe University Museum Ankara, Turkey
Bergama City Turkey

Personal Exhibitions

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1978 First personal painting and sculpture exhibition at the state gallery of Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey
1983 The Museum of Wainö Aaltonen Turku, Finland
1985 Rauma Art Museum Rauma, Finland
1986 The Promenadi Gallery Hyvinkää, Finland
1986 International Weeks -Turku artists associations Gallery Turku, Finland
1987 The Strindberg Gallery Helsinki, Finland
1989 Gallerie J-M DERSCHELD Brussels, Belgium
1991 The Museum of Wainö Aaltonen Turku, Finland
1991 Artport Exhibition Viitasaari, Finland
1991 The Arctic Gallery Oulu, Finland
1992 State Painting-Sculpture Museum Ankara, Turkey
1992 Ataturk Culture Centre Istanbul, Turkey
1994 The Joella Gallery Turku, Finland
1994 The Ranta Gallery Turku, Finland
1996 The Arctic Gallery Oulu, Finland
1999 The Vehma Library Vehma, Finland
1999 The Joella Gallery Turku, Finland
1999 The Kunstraum Gallery Malerhof Voigtholz, Germany
2002 The Bradford Gallery Bradford, England
2003 The IMKB Gallery Ankara, Turkey
2003 GalleryART-CUBIC Barcelona, Spain
2004 Open air exhibition with Simo Helenius Littoinen, Finland
Gallerie Pardelera, Elne art de Ville, France
2005 4.Peiner Kunstpfad-Kunstraum-Malerhof Voigholz, Germany
2005 Hotel de Ville Banyuls-Sur-Mer, France
2005 Ranelagh Arts Festival Multi D. Dublin, Ireland
2006 Galleria TITANIK, "Visual Essays" year in Finland Turku, Finland
2006 EU Commission Charlemagne Building Brussels, Belgium
2007 Gallery Siyah Beyaz Ankara, Turkey
2007 Ataturk Culture Center - AKM Istanbul, Turkey
2008 Art Anna Taidehalli Iisalmi, Finland
2008 Haihatus Exhibition Joutsa, Finland
2008 Galleria Joella, Notes Turku, Finland
2009 Vehman Kirjasto Vehma, Finland
2011 Macquarie University Gallery Sydney, Australia

Group Exhibitions

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1978 The Galata Gallery Istanbul, Turkey
1979 The State Gallery Eskisehir Turkey
1983-84 Group Libera Scuola Naantali, Lieto and Turku, Finland
1984 Group Libera Scuola Tammisaari and Kouvula,
1985 Group Libera Scuola Stuttgart, Germany
1986 Group Exhibition Denmark
1987 The Uusikuva Gallery Kotka and Pargas,
1988 Raisio Cross Exhibition Raisio, Finland
1989 The Center Robs Gallery Brussels, Belgium
1989 The Crusell Gallery Uusikaupunki, Finland
1994 Piispankatu RY.n 20-V . Juhlanäyttely Turku, Finland
1994 The State Art Museum - Details from Finland Ankara, Turkey
1994 BM Contemporary Art Centre Istanbul, Turkey
1995 Sumiainen Art Summer Sumiainen, Finland
1996 Villa Rooma - Pro Cultura Ruissalo Finland
1996 Participated wooden sculpture symposium Degirmendere, Turkey
1997 The Old Mine Museum - Details from Finland 0utokumpu, Finland
1997 National Technical Museum - Details from Finland Prague,
The Chech Republic
1998 Hasan Fuat Sari & Simo Helenius, Monitoimi Talo Turku, Finland
1999 Jöötti Ry 10 v. juhla näyttely, The Naantali Museum Naantali, Finland
2000 The Kunstraum Gallery - Details from Finland Woigthholz, Germany
2001 Jööty ry The Wäinö Aaltonen Museum Jubileum Exhibition Turku, Finland
2001 The Finnish Institute of Madrid - Details From Finland Madrid, Spain
2003 Gallery BCN ART DIRECTE Barcelona ,Spain
2005 Art Center Maltiranta, Jooty ry 15 years Jubile Exhibition Tampere, Finland
2005 Rautila keskus Vehmaa, Finland
2005 Abo Academy, Jöötti ry Turku, Finland
2005 Cire perdure, Jöötti ry,15 years jubile exhibition, Taidekeskus Maltiranta Tampere, Finland
2006 Ulvilla City Open Air Exhibition Ulvilla, Finland
2006 1. Dikili International Granite Sculpture Symposium Izmir, Turkey
2009 Group exhibition,Raision Veistäjät,Työveäntalo Ylänen Raisio, Finland
2011 4. EgeArt days, AKM Izmir, Turkey

Participation Exhibitions

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1977 I :st International Istanbul Art Symposium Turkey
1975 Culture and Art Honour plaque from Istanbul Kartal Municipality and Art Festival Istanbul, Turkey
1979 2:nd International Istanbul Art Symposium Turkey
1979 Participated in State Painting and Sculpture exhibition Ankara, Turkey
1980 "Artists of Istanbul" Open Air Exhibition, State Painting and Sculpture Museum Istanbul, Turkey
1984 Turku Artists Association 60. years exhibition in The Museum of Wäinö Aaltoncn Turku, Finland
1985 International Kunst Biennale "Steel" Switzerland
1986 The Combined provinces of Turku and Pori: Youth Exhibition, Rauma Art Museum Rauma, Finland
1986 I:st Turku Art Biennale in the Museum ofWäinö Aaltonen Turku, Finland
1986 "Artists from Istanbul" State Painting and Sculpture Museum Istanbul, Turkey
1988 Ars Voipaala (SKTJL) Valkeakoski, Finland
1989 State Painting and Sculpture 50. Year University Exhibition Ankara, Turkey
1991 Turku Arlists Association - Exhibition of the Year, The Palace of Rettig Turku, Finland
1992 Territory Turku Turku, Finland
1992 ArtPort Viitasaari, Finland
1993 SKJL, The Museum of Middle Finland Jyväskylä, Finland
1993 TTS: n Nykytaide project Turku, Finland
1993 The Culture Centre of Turku Turku, Finland
1993 Århus Århus, Denmark
1995 ArtPort Art Centre Viitasaari, Finland
1996 Flux Aura, The Museum of Wäinö Aaltonen Turku, Finland
1996 Exhibited work on Aura River - Cut with Scissors Turku, Finland
1996 The Wäinö Aaltonen Museum - Art and Philosophy Turku, Finland
2005 Middle East Technical University ODTU-Ankara, Plastic Arts Festival Ankara, Turkey
2011 Monumental Stone Sculpture, Ege University Izmir, Turkey
2012 Knidos 12th International Sculpture Symposium Turkey
2012 1st Pergamon International Stone Sculpture Symposium Turkey

Public Works

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The Park of Kupittaa Turku, Finland
The Park of Gulbahce Ankara, Turkey
State Painting and Sculpture Museum Ankara, Turkey
Degirmendere, Amfi Theatre Izmir, Turkey
Sevgi Yolu Dikili-Izmir,Turkey
Bergama Turkey
Knidos, Mugla Turkey
Macquarie University Sydney, Australia
Ege University, Campus Izmir,Turkey
Haccetepe University Museum Ankara,Turkey
Works are also in many other museums and private collections in different countries  


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Association of Finnish Sculptors Finland

Articles Reviews

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Kaloja ajatusten meressä In Finnish
Fish in the Ocean of Mind English translation
Cross-Culture Künstler In German
Cross-Culture Artist English translation
Med känsla för form och innehåll In Swedish
With a feeling for content and form English translation
Modifierade cyklar In Swedish
Modified bicycles English translation
Rakenteet kerovat idästä ja lännestä In Finnish
The Structures tell about the East and the West English translation
Translation from Kaleva In English
2004 L' independant Mardi 21 septembre (France)  
2005 Turun Sanomat 18.02.2005 / Kulttuuri  
2005 Lensi Suomi 23.02.2005 (Taide kutsuu ajattelemaan)  



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