The Art of
Hasan Fuat Sari

The Structures tell about the East and the West

Kaleva 22.10.1999

The private exhibition of the Turkisborn but in Turku living Hasan Fuat Sari is one of the most interesting in Oulu at this moment. The subjects, material and style of this talented sculptor are many-sided and challenging.

Also in the expressions of Hasan Fuat Saris sculptures there are many kinds of starting-points. His style is constructive, strict and geometrical, with many different objects compiled in a collage technique.

What are eastern in these sculptures? In many of his works there is an open theme which suggests closeness to Byzantine or Roman architecture (for instance in "South Port") or Eastern calligraphic. Also a shade of Eastern mysticism is breathing in his organic terracotta sculptures.

And yet the sculptures of Hasan Fuat Sari are firmly based on Western modernism. The core of his style-language is one of constructive form which often convert into suprising turningpoints. You seldom see these kinds of things in the work of sculptors who concentrate on bronze- or wood sculptures. The structures are enriched and the atmosphere of the sculptures become many sided.

Constructive, but yet loosened and improvised, the interpretations stay open in the collage of his work. In their starting point you see a kind of relief, since they often are stuck to the wall surface. Maybe Jan-Erik Andersson have had influence on his work. Anyhow the humor in these works are deeper than the above mentioned. Hasan Fuat Sari also convey ironic messages to the society in his work.

Heikki Kastemaa


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