The Art of
Hasan Fuat Sari

Modified bicycles

Hasan Fuat Sari is originally coming from Turkey, but has lived in Turku since 1980. We have been able to see his art in different repeats in the galleries of the town. The materials he has worked with earlier is clay, wood, metal, steel and other materials.

The production we now has possiblity to take part of consists of old bicycle-parts and sculptures. In Joella we find the bicycles and in Gallery Ranta the more two-dimensional.

Picasso was the first who introduced the idea with putting together existing objects to a new wholeness. Among other things he made a bull´s head from cycle-seat and a steering pole. That would have suited well in company with Sari´s bicycle parts, which in principle build on the same idea. Here we can see among other things Icaros, a gigantic eye and a flying insect, all ingenious compositions with gorgeous ideas.

One can only notice that the bicycle is a many-sided means of communications; not only in the traffic but also on an art exhibition.

The production on Ranta Gallery has a little bit different character; the assemblages we see hear has a little bit more "traditional" touch.

On the whole most of the works feel rather impulsive, almost built like paintings. It seems that Sari doesn´t want to work on the detail, I suppose it is this that gives the direct feeling.

Maria Sundström


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