The Art of
Hasan Fuat Sari

With a feeling for Content and Form

Åbo Underrättelser 13th of november 1999

Five years ago the sculptor and artist Hasan Fuat Sari had an exhibition in Gallery Joella and now is his works once more on view in the same exhibition local. The shown works all stem from the years 1998-1999.

Hasan Fuat Sari is born in Tarsus, Turkey. He has studied at the Art Academy in Haag, Holland, and then at the State Art Academy in Istanbul, Turkey, from where he was examined in the year 1978. Two years later he settled down in Finland and began teaching in Art and Art History at different schools. Especially at the University of Turku he has during a longer period been time-teacher and even researcher in Culture-History. Sari has participated in quite a few art-exhibitions mainly in Finland, but also in other countries like Belgium, Turkey, Germany, The Republic of Czechoslovakia and so on.

The artist has an extraordinary feeling for material and form. The forms in his work are often well adjusted to the qualities of the material. The sculptures are made of bronze, granite or wood combined with some metal. Round, elastic forms are combined with linear and sharp parts, but together they make an harmonious wholeness. Sari´s interest in culture-history can also been shown in some works, where the wooden parts for instance show traces of a worn blue paint. Both the name of the works and details in them give birth to thoughts of the sea. Fish, Sea Eagle and the flap of wings recur often, yet mixed with a certain mystique, a spirituality and deep thoughts. There is much air around the different parts of the sculptures, which both combine and separate them. The exhibit pieces are also "airy" arranged with good space for the separate works, which also give room for the spectator.

The airy impression both in the sculptures and in the local is positive and makes that the sculptures of Hasan Fuat Sari are shown well in the gallery. The exhibition goes on until the 22 of november.


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