The Art of
Hasan Fuat Sari


Translation from Finnish of an article that appeared on the newspaper KALEVA, 22.10.1991

In his sculptures, Hasan Fuat Sari is having many kind of starting points for artistic expression. Among his styles are geometrical constructivism, modernistic ways of making sculptures, nuanced with oriental style, and techniques of collage by using different materials.

What is oriental in those sculptures? The form, that refers to Byzantine or Roman architecture or oriental calligraphy, that seems to be free interpreted theme in many works. Also terracotta sculptures that are coming near organic forms, are influenced by atmosphere that can be characterized with the concept of oriental mysticism.

In spite of that, the basis of Hasan Fuat Sari's works is after all strongly influenced by western modernism. The center of his forms is the constructivistic way of giving figure, often with constructing dimensions. The kind of touch is very rare in the production of sculptures which are concentrated to moulding bronze or working with wood. The way of structuring by stressing it has made his artistic expression to become more rich. Constructivism, interpreted freely and with Improvisation is also used in the collages made of different kind of things. The starting point of them is often some kind of relief because they are exposing on the wall. Things and the combinations of them are as themselves, wood is as transformed to something different.

The humour in those works is somewhere deep. Hasan Fuat Sari includes also ironical and social messages in his art.

Kaleva / Oulu / Finland

Heikki Kastemaa


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