The Art of
Hasan Fuat Sari

Cross-Culture Artist

"Travelling by car is a Performance for me. I eat, read and dream in the car." Hasan Fuat Sari is constantly on the move. In the whole of Europe. Always in the car. As restless in his present life as in his youth as in his artistic career. He is born in Turkey, has studied in The Netherlands and in Turkey. Now is Sari living in Finland. Until the 19th of december are his sculptures on view in the Galley "Am Malerhof" in Voigtholz.

"Welcome" is the title of the compilation of wheel- and fishshaped Sari-works. The works are as friendly as the title: A lot of warm woodelements, round and harmonious forms. The wheel as origin of modern movement play a central role in the creation of Hasan Fuat Sari, who without effort moves in the muslim and the christan shaped cultures. He doesn´t make any secret of that he left his country because he was not in agreement with the politics, and in any case he wouldn´t let himself be restricted in what he read.

He wanted to read, to see, critically analyze and ask questions, to travel. "I have grown up with older people, who still had a culture of communication", tells the 46-year old, who by an art-critic is defined as a "Picture of a Cross-Culture Artist".

As much as Hasan Fuat Sari loves his freedom to travel, his works mediate an "open and airy" impression, are never closed, but always freely accessible. Free are also the objects of his creation. A blue fish, for example, oscillates gaily, hung up on a wire, in the middle of the airy house of wires. Hasan Fuat Sari is an artistic multi-talent, he is also a writer and painter. For his son, af football fantast, the educating Sari made a goalkeeper of bronze. He masters figurative art as well as abstract art.

"It is for the first time in these rooms that sculptures are seen here," said Annette Wolter in the opening of the exhibition. Movement shapes the works of the turkish Finn. The works of Sari are on view in the Gallery Am Malerhof from 10 hr until 18 hr.


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