Knidos 12th International
Sculpture Symposium 2012


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Knidos or Cnidus is an ancient settlement located in south-western Asia Minor, modern-day Turkey. It was an ancient Greek city of Caria, part of the Dorian Hexapolis. It was situated on the Datça peninsula, which forms the southern side of the Sinus Ceramicus, now known as Gulf of Gökova. By the 4th century BC, Knidos was located at the site of modern Tekir, opposite Triopion Island. But earlier, it was probably at the site of modern Datça (at the half-way point of the peninsula).

It was built partly on the mainland and partly on the Island of Triopion or Cape Krio. The debate about it being an island or cape is caused by the fact that in ancient times it was connected to the mainland by a causeway and bridge. Today the connection is formed by a narrow sandy isthmus. By means of the causeway the channel between island and mainland was formed into two harbours, of which the larger, or southern, was further enclosed by two strongly built moles that are still in good part entire.

The extreme length of the city was little less than a mile, and the whole intramural area is still thickly strewn with architectural remains. The walls, both of the island and on the mainland, can be traced throughout their whole circuit; and in many places, especially round the acropolis, at the northeast corner of the city, they are remarkably perfect.

Pergamon - City of Science or Satan




Antonis-Myrodias Bridge Beata-Rostas Umut Genti-Tavanxhiu


Bridge Beata-Rostas




J.Kley Jo Kley Pergamon Beata-Rostas-Ahmet-Yoruk 


Jo Kley


Beata Rostas & Ahmet Yoruk


Unesco SDF Opening 3732 






3074 Huseyin Besli Hasan Fuat Sari H-web 


Huseyin Besli

Hasan Fuat Sari



From yesterday to tomorrow Myrodias 2910 Beata-Rostas-Ahmet-Yoruk 

From Yesterday to Tomorrow II



Beata Rostas & Ahmet Yoruk



























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