1st International Pergamon Stone Sculpture Symposium Summer 2012


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Pergamon or Pergamum, was an ancient Greek city in Aeolis, today located 16 miles (26 km) from the Aegean Sea on a promontory on the north side of the river Caicus. Some ancient authors regarded it as a colony of the Arcadians, but the various origin stories all belong to legend. The Greek historians reconstructed a complete history for it due to confusion with the distant Teuthrania. It became the capital of the Kingdom of Pergamon during the Hellenistic period, under the Attalid dynasty, 281-133 BC. Pergamon is cited in the Book of Revelation as one of the seven churches of Asia. Today, the main sites of ancient Pergamon are to the north and west of the modern city of Bergama in Turkey.

Perched atop a windswept mountain along the Turkish coastline and gazing proudly—almost defiantly—over the azure Aegean Sea sit the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Pergamon. Although the majority of its superb intact monuments now sit in Berlin's Pergamon Museum, enough remains of the acropolis for the visitor to sense the former greatness of the city that once rivaled Alexandria, Ephesus and Antioch in culture and commerce, and whose scientific advancements in the field of medicine resonate through the corridors of today's medical treatment facilities. Juxtaposed sharply against this image of enlightened learning is that of "Satan's Throne," as described by the prophet John of Patmos (Revelation 2:12-13), which some scholars interpret as referring to the Great Altar of Pergamon, one of the most magnificent surviving structures from the Greco-Roman world.

Pergamon - City of Science or Satan

Pergamon - City of Science ... and Satan?



Antonis-Myrodias Bridge Beata-Rostas Umut Genti-Tavanxhiu


Bridge Beata-Rostas




J.Kley Jo Kley Pergamon Beata-Rostas-Ahmet-Yoruk 


Jo Kley


Beata Rostas & Ahmet Yoruk


Unesco SDF Opening 3732 






3074 Huseyin Besli Hasan Fuat Sari H-web 


Huseyin Besli

Hasan Fuat Sari



From yesterday to tomorrow Myrodias 2910  

From Yesterday to Tomorrow II





























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